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2008 Lincoln Colloquium Speakers
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Talking about Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln's life and presidency continues to be debated, discussed, and written about today in various media. Find out what authors and journalists are saying about these issues.


  • Terry Alford -- When Booth Gave Lincoln Roses (ALI)
  • Dr. Blaine Houmes -- Lincoln's Death*
  • Mike Kauffman -- Booth and the Assassination*
  • Lincoln's Illness at Gettysburg (Washington Post)
  • David Brown -- Could Modern Medicine Have Saved Lincoln? (Washington Post)
  • Anthony Pitch -- "They have Killed Papa Dead" (LOC Webcast)
  • Ronald Rietveld -- Lincoln Assassination Video (Drake U.)
  • Dr. Sotos -- Lincoln Had Rare Disease (Washington Post)
  • Ed Steers -- Blood on the Moon*
  • James Swanson -- Bloody Crimes (ALI)
  • James Swanson -- Book Fest 07 (LOC Podcast)
  • James Swanson -- Manhunt (ALI)
  • "The Conspirator" Review (Washington Post)


  • Allen Guelzo -- Book Discussion Q & A*
  • Richard Brookhiser -- Founders' Son Video (Constitution Center)
  • Gabor Boritt -- The Lincoln Enigma*
  • Vernon Burton -- Age of Lincoln Video (Drake U)
  • Richard Carwardine Interview (HNN)
  • David Donald -- We are Lincoln Men (PBS)
  • Ferrier Rebuts DiLorenzo Book (WND)
  • Ernest B. Furgurson -- "Freedom Rising" (LOC Webcast)
  • Doris Kearns Goodwin -- "Team of Rivals" (LOC Podcast)
  • William C. Harris -- Lincoln and the Union Governors Revisited (ALI)
  • Dean Mahin -- Lincoln's Foreign Policy*
  • James McPherson -- Review of "Dark Union" (American Historical Association)
  • John R. Sellers at the Library of Congress*
  • Ronald White Jr. -- The Second Inaugural Address (MPR)
  • Douglas Wilson -- Lincoln's Sword Interview*
  • Douglas Wilson -- Book Fest 07 (LOC Podcast)
  • Kenneth Winkle -- Lincoln's Early Career*


  • Richard Blackett -- Lincoln and Colonization (USI)
  • James A. Dueholm -- A Bill of Lading Delivers the Goods: The Constitutionality and Effect of the Emancipation Proclamation (JALA)
  • Eric Foner -- The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery (Gilder Lehrman Institute)
  • Eric Foner -- The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery (ALI)
  • Amanda Foreman -- Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation in England: A Propaganda Tool for the Enemy? (ALI)
  • Allen Guelzo -- Four Roads to Emancipation (KGOU)
  • Allen Guelzo -- The Emancipation Proclamation: Bill of Lading or Ticket to Freedom? (History Now)
  • Allen Guelzo -- What if Abraham Lincoln had Lived? (Washington Post)
  • John Hope Franklin -- The Emancipation Proclamation (NARA)
  • Lucas Morel -- Lincoln, Race, Equality and the Spirit of '76 (LOC Webcast)
  • Matthew Norman -- The Other Lincoln-Douglas Debate: The Race Issue in a Comparative Context (JALA)
  • James Oakes -- Becoming Lincoln: The Making of an Emancipationist (ALI)
  • James Oakes -- Lincoln and Race (History Now)
  • James Oakes -- The Emancipation Proclamation: Myths and Realities (ALI)
  • Racial Satire and the Civil War Case Study: Abraham Lincoln (University of Virginia)
  • Manisha Sinha -- African Americans and Emancipation (History Now)
  • Ed Steers -- "Forced Into Glory" Review*
  • Ed Steers -- In Defense of the Great Emancipator*
  • Symposium Speaker Denounces Lincoln (SJ-R)
  • David Von Drehle -- Lincoln and Abolitionists (Atlantic)
  • Douglas Wilson -- Lincoln and Abolition (History Now)


  • Richard Carwardine -- Lincoln's Religion (GLI)
  • Andrew Ferguson -- Lincoln and the Will of God (First Things)
  • Lucas Morel -- Lincoln's Sacred Effort: The Role of Providence in Political Leadership (GLI)
  • Lisa Kernek -- Possible Lincoln Suicide Poem Found (SJ-R)


  • Bogus Lincoln Quotations (NPR)
  • Gabor Boritt -- How Some Few "Remarks" Became the Gettysburg Address (ALI)
  • Michael Burlingame -- Lincoln as the Indispensable Man (ALI)
  • Burrus Carnahan -- Lincoln on Trial? The President and Military Treatment of Southern Civilians (ALI)
  • David Donald -- Lincoln's Legacy (PBS)
  • Eric Foner -- Lincoln's Interpretation of the Civil War (History Now)
  • Allen Guelzo -- The Cabinet Maker (Illinois Issues)
  • William C. Harris -- His Loyal Opposition: Lincoln's Border States' Critics (JALA)
  • Harold Holzer -- Lincoln at Cooper Union (History Now)
  • Harold Holzer -- Lincoln Comes to Washington (LOC Webcast)
  • Lewis Lehrman -- Learning from Lincoln (GLI)
  • Martin Johnson -- Solving the Mysteries of the Gettysburg Address (ALI)
  • Elizabeth Leonard -- Joseph Holt (LOC Webcast)
  • Lincoln and the Declaration of Independence (WSJ)
  • Lincoln's Strategy to Turn Rivals into Allies (NPR)
  • Russell McClintock -- Lincoln, the North, and Secession (ALI)
  • James McPherson -- "Abraham Lincoln's Invention of Presidential War Powers" (YouTube)
  • James McPherson -- Abraham Lincoln's Legacy (W&LU / YouTube)
  • James McPherson -- "For a Vast Future Also: Lincoln and the Millenium" (NEH)
  • James McPherson -- Lincoln as Commander-in-Chief (LOC Webcast)
  • James McPherson -- Lincoln's Legacy (Audio) (W&LU)
  • James McPherson -- Remarks at 9/11 Memorial Service (Princeton)
  • William Lee Miller -- Lincoln's Leadership (LOC Webcast)
  • Mark E. Neely, Jr. -- Lincoln and the Triumph of Nation (ALI)
  • Panel Discussion -- What Would Lincoln Do? How Lincoln's Legacy is Used and Abused in Today's Washington (GLI)
  • "On Lincoln's Mind: Leading the Nation to the Gettysburg Address" (IHPA et al)
  • Matthew Pinsker -- Lincoln: Private Man, Public Leader Video (Drake U.)
  • Richard Norton Smith -- Lincoln's Perpetual Campaign (Illinois Humanities Council)
  • Ted Sorensen -- Abraham Lincoln As a Speechwriter (Smithsonian)
  • Craig Symonds -- Lincoln as a Naval War Leader (ALI)
  • The Legacy of Abraham Lincoln (Illinois Humanities Council)
  • Clarence Thomas -- Abraham Lincoln's Legacy (W&LU / YouTube)
  • Jennifer L. Weber -- Lincoln's Critics: The Copperheads (JALA)
  • Jennifer L. Weber -- "The Fire in the Rear:" Dissent in the North (ALI)
  • Jonathan White -- John Merryman and Lincoln's Other Habeas Corpus Problem (ALI)
  • Douglas Wilson -- Lincoln and Language (LOC Webcast)
  • With Malice Toward None: Symposium Summary (LOC)
  • David Work -- Why Lincoln Appointed Political Generals (ALI)


  • Allen Guelzo -- Lincoln and Douglas in Debate*
  • Allen Guelzo -- The 1858 Debates (Washington Post)
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debates Remembered (Smithsonian)

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