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National Park Service Lincoln Booklet Wins Awards

These comments were received from Mike Capps on February 26, 2010:

"As the year of 2009 came to a close, so too, did the official year of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial. For Lincoln-related parks it had been a commemoration that had literally been years in the making. Planning meetings began as early as 2001 and there were many of them over the years with many interested parties, both inside and outside of the National Park Service. It was immediately apparent that the NPS site would play an active and visible role in the observance. As caretakers of the primary sites associated with Abraham Lincoln and his life, the agency had a responsibility, and the privilege, to do all possible to honor this great American and to help present-day Americans to learn more about him. To that end many projects and activities we could plan were planned to properly observe this important Bicentennial. One was especially successful and appears to have had a lasting impact."

"The handbook, Abraham Lincoln: A Living Legacy, was a joint effort by the staffs of Abraham Lincoln Birthplace NHP, Lincoln Boyhood NM, and Lincoln Home NHS. Chief of Interpretation Sandy Brue, Chief of Interpretation Mike Capps, and Park Historian Tim Townsend, each wrote the chapters for their respective parks. Funding from Eastern National made it possible to hire Diana Bailey, a skilled editor, and to have the book published. Based on the same easily identifiable style of handbooks available at National Parks across the country, it includes more than 160 photographs, maps and historic images illustrating the story of the 16th president. It quickly became a bestseller at each park and since its publication in February 2008, has received several awards.

"In September 2009 it was selected as a winner in the 2009 American Graphic Design Awards. In November 2009 it received Third Place in the Media Awards Competition from the National Association for Interpretation. At the annual Association of Partners for Public Lands convention in February 2010, it was awarded the 2010 Director’s Award for Excellence in Interpretive Media.

"It has been gratifying to have the hard work of many people acknowledged and recognized for its quality, but it has been especially satisfying to have contributed something of value not only to the observance of the Lincoln Bicentennial, but to the continuing legacy of a great man and all that we can still learn from him."

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