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Peter Skelly

Mark Boeche
Vice President

Steve Rogstad

Steven S. Scheid

Steve Krause

Board of Directors
George Buss
Robert S. French
Steven L. Hayes
Robert G. Hood
Christopher M. Miller
Daniel R. Weinberg
Frank J. Williams
Gregory Van Winkle

Honorary Members
Michael Burlingame
Richard N. Current
William Hanchett
Harold Holzer
Mark E. Neely, Jr.
John Y. Simon
Wayne C. Temple
Daniel R. Weinberg
Bernadette Wilhelm
Frank J. Williams

The Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconsin

3707 Ruger Ave.
Janesville, WI 53546-2075
Email Contact

The Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconsin was founded in 1940 and incorporated in 1950. Its objectives are "to unite admirers of Abraham Lincoln in a common bond of interest through membership in a common organization; to encourage a larger interest in scenes associated with Lincoln's life and work; to preserve Lincoln landmarks in Wisconsin; to promote research in Lincolniana; to observe each anniversary of the death of Lincoln and to pay tribute to his name on other suitable occasions; and zealously to encourage the youth of our state to embrace the ideals he exemplified for all who follow."

Each year, members meet for a dinner program held near April 15, the anniversary of Lincoln's death. A speaker addresses the membership regarding one of the many phases of Lincoln's life and career. This address is later published as a Historical Bulletin, which is distributed free to members. To date, 57 such booklets have been published.

The annual membership dues for the Fellowship are $20. A Life Membership is available for a one-time fee of $200. All members receive annual meeting invitations and the Historical Bulletin. The Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconsin is a federally recognized non-profit organization, with volunteer officers.

The Fellowship welcomes new members, whether or not they live in Wisconsin. To join, please print and complete the information below and send your check payable to The Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconsin, 2916 Quebec Lane, Janesville, WI 53545.

Application for Membership - Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconsin

Name ___________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________


State___________________________ Zipcode __________________________

Telephone (________) ______________________________________________

Email Address _____________________________________________________

Please choose your membership category:
_____ Annual Membership $20
_____ Life Membership $200 (one-time fee)

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