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Mt. Pulaski Courthouse
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Mt. Pulaski Courthouse State Historic Site

113 S. Washington Street
Mt. Pulaski, Illinois

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Before Lincoln became president his law practice took him to county courthouses in the old Eighth Judicial Circuit of central Illinois. Although his law office and home were located in Springfield, he would travel the circuit for a total of about six months of the year, often by horseback.

Only two original courthouses in this district where Lincoln tried cases still stand today: this one and another in Metamora, Illinois, near Peoria. You will find the Mt. Pulaski site 12 miles southeast of Lincoln near the intersection of routes 121 and 54.

This restored brick Greek Revival building, shaded by the town square trees, will catch your eye with its rich red color and white trim. It's easy to find because the town water tower also is on the square. Built in 1848, it served as a county courthouse until 1855. It doesn't take too much imagination to picture the lawn filled with farmers and townspeople of Lincoln's day, drawn to the area as much for social reasons as legal or business ones.

As you enter the building's wide doorway and make your way upstairs, you will see the courtroom familiar to Lincoln. Here he argued, won, and lost cases during the days court was in session.

The site is open year-round free of charge Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 4:00 p.m. It is closed on major holidays. For more information call 217/792-3919.

Courtroom Interior on Second Floor
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